Night Thoughts

‘Night Thoughts’ is the current album by Barry Palmer, who sang for Mike Oldfield on
“Discovery” and “Crime of Passion” he was also the voice on two “prog rock”
classics by Triumvirat “Old Loves Die Hard” and “Pompeii”

What people are saying about Night Thoughts….

“what a feast… hypnotic melodies” (Cecil Meulenberg)

“Great album for a thinking person who wants some self reflection, but coupled with surprises that give a sudden lift, and who appreciates good, dramatic backings – I could almost visualise the album as a dramatic musical story.” (John Fisher)

“Night Thoughts is a Must Have!” (Arcadio Del Rey Muñoz)

“Barry Palmer is one of the most unassuming, inoffensive people one could hope to meet, but don’t let this fool you. Barry is a huge talent, a musical perfectionist. Will his records be hits? No, they are far to good!” Mike Fox

“a quality piece of work perfect for chilling out to after a hard day at the coal face” (Pete Whalley, Get Ready To Rock)

“…for anyone with a love of ‘the song’, this won’t disappoint” (Rock Society, issue 194)

“this album should be listened to while looking at the stars and Barry’s voice is as strong as ever, also the lyrics on this album are absolutely top notch” (The Album Man)

“Today I gave myself a little present in terms of dimensions, big present in terms of its content. Wonderful album Night Thoughts.” Steve Franko

“Barry Palmer is a very special singer. What a beautiful voice!”Elias Khouri

“Just Incredible.” Russ Schenewerk

“This is an album that grows on you, and you grow with it! Wonderful! “ Doug Rea

“Wonderful Barry.” Rob Burgess

“Awesome Mate!” Dogleg Steve

“Beautiful music and lyrics, sung with a passion that always comes from your voice.” Violeta Gabor

“What a voice!! The entire album is simply amazing.” Rhonda Hunter

“What a wonderful album. Congratulations!” Richard Garcia

“Hypnotic melodies, wonderful lyrics. Your voice is timeless.” Cecil Meulenberg

“Night Thoughts is a ‘must have’ deep and powerful.” Arcadia del Ray Munoz

“Night Thoughts is something very special, written and performed from the heart.” Steve Grunnill

“Never tire of listening to Barry Palmer. Love your Voice.” Sue Taniguchi

“Barry’s music is warm, tender and heartfelt.” Ama Hair

“A must have album!” Jerome Lemonnier

“This is just fabulous, I love it!” Christine Bovey

“You are the best singer I have ever heard in my life.” Martin Mann

“An emotional and touching album.” Sonja Koch

“Beautiful. Haunting. Barry’s voice has evolved over time and this showcases his softer sound wonderfully.” Fiona Wright

“What a great performer he is. Have no words. Barry Palmer you’ve got the key for breaking hearts.” Erik Ostrowski

“Great work from a magnificent voice!” Tom Newman

“I cried, so beautiful.” Mike Vibes

“A joy. Melodic and moving.” Guy Henderson

“A sensitive collection of songs that have been put together from deep thoughts in the early hours. Touching music drawn from the darkness.” Tracy-ann Martin

“A great and unique voice!” Norbert Harbach

“An amazing cd that I can’t stop playing” Ainsley Brettell

“This is a wonderful cd from a very talented musician that deserves a place in anybody’s music collection! There are many excellent tracks that have become favourites since I have been playing the cd. I can’t stop playing it!” Ainsley Brettell

“Listened to the album twice already …Thank you …for I am listening to “Innocent“ by Barry Palmer. It’s wonderful. Just put it on my “I Tunes”
A big Thanks Very talented.” Ainsley Brettell

“I think I know who wrote that as he’s already told me how much he loves it! He’s right and I love it as well. Time to listen to it again tomorrow methinks! Thank you Barry for a ‘light in the sometimes darkness’. Cx“ Christine Bovey

“It’s a cracking album.” Chris Woodhouse

“Thanks Barry, a very good album….” Santo Borrajo Alfonso

“High recommend this brilliant album, thanks Barry xx” Sarah Cook

“Dear Barry, this is a very very nice album with plenty of peace and love. Music is, maybe, the only way to save humanity. I try to make a music which carries People Who listen it on the good way. Thanks a lot Barry (Dear John)”
L’arbre Noir Patrick Seurre

“A very beautiful, touching album and ‘Dear John’ such haunting song that will mean so much to so many with memories of …..what could have been…….from the incredible vocal talent of Barry Palmer The album “Night Thoughts” is just beautiful from the first track to the last…If you don’t listen to this album, you will have missed something so very special. Memories & goosebumps..Beautiful songs, beautifully sung by the very talented Barry Palmer”
Steve Grunnill

“Beautiful CD Barry,” Merel Hegenbart

“So beautiful!! Amazing Barry Palmer!!” Elias Khouri

“Still a lovely voice.” Anacleto Nunes