While I was working in Triumvirat, Jürgen played me a version of this song that he had recorded some time earlier. The singer on it was Helmut who had been the Triumvirat singer before I joined. Apparently, Helmut had been busy writing his own material and no longer wanted to use the track. I asked if I could experiment with the vocal melody as Helmut had stayed close to the original, which I thought was a missed opportunity. There was absolutely nothing wrong with his vocal and it was beautifully sung, but I always felt that a cover should be different from the original and I like to take a risk with my own ideas... when I get the chance.

So, I tried an approach that was quite different from the original and I liked it. Luckily, Jürgen also liked it and even though it was another flop to add to to the ever growing list, I was happy with the result.

I did have a bit of a sore and croaky throat at the time but I was still happy with it.